Ariana Grande - Needy (Sweetener World Tour, Vancouver)


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#ArianaGrande #Sweetener #thankunext first off, I'm not sure how much footage from this concert I'll actually post, not because I wouldn't like to, but because I was honestly in the wrong position for most of it, and although I have a number of pretty decent pieces here and there, there are very few full songs that have enough quality I consider decent enough to share. I have to go through everything and decide what actually lives up close enough to my standards, but I will release what I can.

As for the concert itself, it was fantastic and she has come such a long way since The Honeymoon Tour. She now has a confidence and a better way of connecting with her fans that was incredible to see. I personally feel she should do something with the soundchecks, because she really was down to earth, funny, interactive, open, honest, and most importantly gave out some very good and important advice. It was a side of her that many people probably don't get to see.

Also, thank you Ari for an amazing encounter at the meet and greet. Whether you realize it or not, your warmth, your desire to be 'present' during those moments, (actually taking a moment to speak to people, even if brief because you have so many people to meet,) combined with initiating everything with a hug, as to not make it feel awkward, is both inspiring and shows to me how far you have come and how much you have matured during these past few years. Keep it up, as I believe it will make an important impact on a lot of people.

(And in case people are wondering, yes, there is a slight slow-mo effect at the the beginning of the song, and then it gets a slightly bit darker. The reason for this was I was adjusting the shutter speed on the fly to try and adjust for the darkness, however, I over-corrected and then needed to readjust when I noticed the mistake.)

This is Ariana Grande performing her song 'Needy' live at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC on April 27th, 2019, during the Sweetener World Tour.


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